Species: Gargoyle

Family: Wyvern and Manhattan clans, but more specifically: rookery brothers, Broadway and Lexington

Appearances: S1: every episode; S2: Leader of the Pack, Metamorphosis, Legion, A Lighthouse in the Sea of Time, The Mirror, Eye of the Beholder, Vows, City of Stone Part 1, City of Stone Part 2, City of Stone Part 3, City of Stone Part 4, High Noon, Outfoxed, The Price, Revelations, Double Jeopardy, Upgrade, Protection, The Cage, Future Tense, The Gathering Part 1, The Gatherine Part 2, Vendettas, Turf, The Reckoning, Possession, Hunter's Moon Part 1, Hunter's Moon Part 2, Hunter's Moon Part 3; S3: every episode

Bio: Brooklyn is the second-in-command in the Manhattan gargoyle clan, formerly known as the Wyvern clan from medieval Scotland. In 994 AD, Vikings

Voiced By: Jeff Bennett

Brooklyn as a human
S2: The Mirror

Future Brooklyn
S2: Future Tense